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The delegation from Torrejon visits Changping District


  From July 12 to 14, 2018, the 3-member delegation led by the Director Alejandro Navarro Prieto of Torrejon Labor and Youth Bureau of Madrid in Spain visited Changping District and had conversations on the youth work, sports, and culture and more with the chiefs of counterparts of Changping District.

  The delegation watched the promotion video and learned the development of culture, sports, science & technology, and economy in Changping District. The officials of Changping Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Changping Education Commission, and Changping Youth League Committee gave a comprehensively introduction to foreign affairs work, football cooperation and youth brand programs of Changping District respectively. Prieto expressed their willingness for further bilateral communication and cooperation with counterparts of Changping District on school campus development, youth development and cultivation, sports program as well as sports talents training on the basis of the Sister City relationship.

  During the visit, the delegation also attended the opening ceremony of the second-year Changping-Torrejon Summer Football Training Camp and conducted the training. They also visited the Future Science Park exhibition hall and the site and the Huilongguan Center Community Youth Exchange and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Community with on-the-spot understanding of the youth and innovation & entrepreneurship work in Changping District to exchange ideas and opinions with Changping relevant officials on the extensive cooperation on youth work in the future.

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