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Introduction to Beijing Future Science & Technology Park

Introduction to Beijing Future Science & Technology Park

  Beijing Future Science & Technology Park is a major science and technology engineering project of the central government, set up to achieve the “Recruitment Program of Global Experts” and build an innovative country. The first group to settle there includes research organizations of 15 central enterprises including China South Industries Group Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the State Grid Corporation of China, CHINA HUANENG, China Guodian Corporation, Shenhua Group, China Telecom, China Electrics Corporation, ANSTEEL GROUP CORPORATION, the Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company, the Aluminum Corporation of China, COFCO, SNPTC, COMAC, and the China National Building Materials Group Association. Research and development areas include strategic and emerging industries that the state is focused on developing including energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy resources, new materials, new energy automobiles and so on. It will be built as a base for innovation and entrepreneurship, which will possess first rate global standards, development orientated towards leading China’s application of technology, and talented people that represent the highest standards in China’s application of research technology in related industries. All efforts will be made to create a hotspot for gathering first rate technology research talents, a research platform that leads science and technology innovation, and a special area for talent with a completely new operating mechanism.

  The site selected for Beijing Future Science and Technology Park is an area on the boundary between Xiaotangshan Town of Changping District and Beiqijia Town; it is 10 kilometers east of Beijing Capital International Airport and has an outstanding position with convenient transportation. Beijing’s mother river, the Wenyu River, passes through, and the overall greenery of the area is above 50%, with excellent ecology and a beautiful environment. The project has a planned area of about 10 square kilometers, with the Wenyu River and Dingsi Road acting as boundaries splitting the park into northern and southern zones. The northern zone has an area of 2.19 square kilometers and six central enterprises have settled there; while the southern area has an area of 4.46 square kilometers and has nine settled central enterprises; there is also 3.54 square kilometers of green ecological space between the two zones. The project is planned to have a total construction area of about 8 million square meters, with a total investment of about 100 billion yuan. After construction, about 40,000 talented science researchers are to settle in the park, of which the overall size of the population is to be controlled to within 100,000.

  Beijing Future Science and Technology Park has a view to constructing a comprehensive, innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem with talented people that can develop in a sustainable manner, strengthening the urban functional orientation of innovation and livability, and striving to create an internationally first rate soft and hardware environment. The construction of the park’s infrastructure extensively uses renewable energy, energy efficiency systems in buildings, comprehensive underground pipeline corridors, waste negative pressure suction systems, smart cities, and other advanced technology, fully creating a science and technology ecological demonstration zone. Supporting public services have taken full account of the overall function and operation needs of the “city”. Beijing Normal University public schools, international schools, international hospitals, high-quality office buildings, star-rated themed hotels, shopping centers, commercial streets, talent apartments, green living areas, technology culture exhibition hall, sports centers, libraries, theaters and other facilities create an open and inclusive living and business environment with a unique charm.

  Beijing Future Science and Technology Park, as a newly built zone that carries the clustered research and development resources of central enterprises, has already incorporated itself into the scope of the core area of Zhongguancun Science Park and Zhongguancun Pilot Zone for the Reform of Talent Management, completely enjoying the “1+6” series of policies and the 13 special policies. It has the unique advantage of piloting the promotion of policies and cultivating and transforming frontline technology results. Relying on the state’s “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, the “National High-Level Talents Special Supporting Program” and other key talent projects, widely attracting and gathering high-end talent from China and overseas, the park actively looks to deepen comprehensive supplementary reforms to the science and technology system, perfect talent cooperation, science and technology topic selection, science and technology resource allocation, talent encouragement and evaluation and other work mechanisms, release the creative vitality of talented people on the highest possible scale, and strive to build a zone with one of the world’s highest concentrations of talent, the richest accomplishments in innovation, and the most flexible innovation mechanism.

  On July 28, 2009, Beijing Future Science and Technology Park began construction on its foundations. After five years of development and construction, it has now begun to take shape: Roads and bridges, water, electricity, gas and heat and other urban infrastructure is almost complete, terms have officially begun for primary and secondary schools, and commerce, business, residential and other public service facilities are under accelerated construction; eight central enterprises including Shenhua Group, China Commercial Aircraft, China State Power, the State Grid Corporation of China, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, China Huaneng Group, COFCO, and SNPTC have settled in the park and are already operating. In addition, with the central enterprises that have settled attracting a total of 162 overseas high-level talents from the “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, and the gathering of more than 4,500 researchers, the innovative atmosphere of the park has been initially formed.
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